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The exact thing you need to be the only Queen ? ❣️ in his life. For only ₦5,990
Stay Wet, Sweet and Juicy always. Become the Sweetest thing he knows.
Rush a plate now, ??? at the PROMO price, for only 4,990 Naira per plate.?✨
You can use it for as much as 5 times, before it finish.
Hurry Now. PROMO ends in 2 days. If you miss the PROMO, the price will return to 7,000 Naira.

Original price was: ₦7,900.00.Current price is: ₦5,999.00.


Toto Sugar and Sweetener is the exact thing you need to have the sweetest Toto. Stay incredibly sweet, wet, and juicy for him.

Toto sugar will help you get wet without any side effects. For the babe’s wey Sabi am… If you love to be licked down, this is for you. Just get this and you are good to go.

With over 20 sticks on each plate. You can use it as much as 5 times before one plate will finish.

Toto Sugar and Sweetener
Regardless of how dry you are, you will be very juicy after inserting this. Yes, it’s to be inserted in the toto, and after 30 to 45mins you’ll start getting wet and slimy.
If you love heads, just pity another person’s child by spicing up that toto to taste yummy ?.
It is impossible for your husband to even quarrel with you knowing full well he’ll be missing the sugary and tasty pumpum of yours.
Toto sugar will definitely make you have a peaceful home.
Please make sure you use it before they use it on him outside.
 It is also Very affordable.


Insert a few sticks for like 20 to 30 minutes before knacking.

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